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Certificazione ISO 14001:2015
Certificazione ISO 14001:2015

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

The pursuit of “Sustainable Development” through shared and synergical planning and management among all local bodies, has encouraged our Administration to adhere to the International Standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015: in line with the mandates in the Standard that requires the completion of various steps of communication with the general public, we are providing you with a brief environmental "HANDBOOK", which will be followed by other targeted actions of which we will keep you informed.

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Environmental Policy

The AMA Company has always tried to adhere to a policy of environmental respect and appreciation aimed at implementing processes of Sustainable Development, fully aware that these processes, in addition to pursuing the protection and defence of natural environments and the enhancement of specific aspects of the area, also represent an opportunity for economic, social and cultural growth, consistent with the values of the local area and enhancing its competitiveness.

The need to familiarise ourselves with the problems of our surroundings in order to plan and develop targeted environmental policies and to continue to maintain credibility towards users and the economic system, has now encouraged our organisation to introduce an Environmental Management System certified under UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 as a support tool in managing our activities. The environmental protection we intend to pursue should not be considered a simple, mandatory application of laws and adherence to general regulations, but a genuine and inspiring principle to preserve the resources of an uncontaminated environment and its beauty, which must be left bequeathed to future generations. By drawing up this document, Management is committed to complying with binding environmental legislation and regulatory provisions as well as other voluntarily signed environmental requirements. At the same time, our Administration intends to continually improve on its environmental activities to reduce and prevent pollution, by identifying and keeping the aspects/impacts and possible direct and indirect environmental risks deriving from its activities and services up-to-date and, at first glance, assessing the possible impact and risks linked to new activities and processes over which it has control or influence. So, as part of the environmental protection, we hope to create a balance between tourism and service provisions, to achieve the right balance between "economy and ecology". We also hope that all our stakeholders will participate and approve our initiatives, by encouraging eco-compatible behaviour
In light of what has emerged, the Administration identifies the following priority objectives:
  • Promote employee awareness of environmental protection and implement appropriate training programmes to make them responsible for their activities, ensuring their participation in the improvement process;
  • Assess and monitor any impact the company may have on the environment when performing all its direct, indirect or third party activities; - Continue with separate waste collection and improve hazardous waste collection;
  • Activate consultation tables with representatives of the different activity categories operating in the port area in order to involve and identify common and shared environmental priorities and objectives;
  • Plan improvements to manage significant impacts and risks;
  • Implement energy saving measures;
  • Inform suppliers and make them aware of the introduction of environmental policies and/or environmental management systems for sustainable development;
  • Organise environmental awareness events for the general public, tourists and school groups to create a culture of respect towards the environment;
  • Activate and promote initiatives aimed at preventing environmental emergencies;
  • Systematically monitor resource consumption by committing to assessing savings opportunities;
  • Reduce/monitor the risk of marine water contamination;
  • Adopt "green procurement" initiatives, favouring environmentally friendly suppliers
This Administration undertakes to discuss, approve and periodically review the contents of this Policy, in line with the achievement of the objectives set.
Once this Policy has been approved, it will be distributed to all staff and made available to the public and all interested parties as well as being posted on the website.

Andora 24/11/2016

Fill in the evaluation questionnaire on the website and send it by e-mail to: info@portodiandora.it, or by fax to +39 0182 681707

The Port office is open every day, including Sunday morning.
Monday to Saturday: 8:30 to 12:30 / 14:30 to 17,00 | Sunday 8:30 to 12:30

If you arrive by boat

Before entering the port, contact the office to check availability of places for transit.
Once you have arrived in the port, wait at the entrance for confirmation of the place assigned to you and for the employees to assist with mooring.

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